Nature's Edge Wound Treatment  


Nature's Edge Wound Treatment ™ is a 100% natural wound salve for horses and other livestock. 

We use only the highest quality herbs and oils for manufacturing Nature's Edge.

This product was developed by a horse owner to use on her own horses' wounds.  She noticed how it seemed to soothe her injured horse when applied to the wound and how insects seemed to stay off the open cuts.

The word soon got out about how well Nature's edge works.  People began using it for burns, bites, stings, pinkeye and insect repellent.


Severe wire cut injury day 1
Here is one of many extraordinary results people have achieved using Nature's Edge Wound Treatment™.

This injury was a result of a severe wire cut. The wound was in a location where stitches would not hold.

Notice how dramatically this severe wound has closed in just one week. By four weeks the wound is mostly superficial. After 8 weeks this wound was totally healed without scarring.

Kelly was riding her cherished colt after only three weeks of using
Nature's Edge Wound Treatment™.

Nature's Edge Wound Treatment™ has been successfully used for major and minor lacerations, burns, infections, pink eye, saddle sores, rope burns, rashes and foot rot.
Severe wire cut injury day 7
Severe wire cut injury day 28
Severe wire cut injury after 2 months

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