“In July I found my colt stuck in a barbed wire fence. It was the worst injury I had ever seen. The vet attempted stitches, but because of the location, the horse pulled them out before 2 days. It was a constant war between flies, swelling and infection. My farrier told me of Nature’s Edge. I applied the salve and within minutes my colt was resting peacefully with a noticeable decrease in pain and not bothered by flies. The vet suggested box-stalling for at least 8 weeks. It has been just 3 weeks and today I rode my horse. I thought I would never do that again. “

Kelly Jones, Glenrock WY

“In November 1998 I found my mare with one of the worst cuts I’d ever seen. My vet said it would be at least mid-February before we could determine if she would be sound enough to use even as a brood mare. In 3 weeks of using Nature’s Edge, she wasn’t limping and the vet said she was 100% sound. He was amazed! He was sure we would never be able to ride her again. We are now riding the mare, and we never had to deal with proud flesh.”

Gloria Babcock, Springview, NE

“In August my mare suffered a devastating wound to her front leg. The wound healed slowly. It reached a point that it just stopped healing. Leaving me a raw fleshy area 6″ x 5″. My vet said it would never grow a layer of skin or hair. He said he suggested hair plugs, at an approximate cost of $400.00. He also said there was a chance the plugs wouldn’t take. I then learned of Nature’s Edge Wound Treatmentâ„¢. I applied the miracle salve only three times a week. In a couple of weeks the area shrank to about 2″ x 1″ with definite hair growth. I know this will heal completely at a cost of about $30.00. With the discovery of Nature’s Edge Wound Treatmentâ„¢, I have complete faith that my mare won’t even have a scar. I would recommend this to anyone, because I have seen first hand the miracle it is capable of producing.”

Patty Guthrie, Cheyenne, WY

“In January 1999, coyotes attacked and severely wounded one of our ewes. She was bred so we were facing losing her and her lamb. We sheared the wool from the wound and tried Nature’s Edge Wound Treatmentâ„¢. We were skeptical because sheep inevitably die from coyote attacks, but we felt we had nothing to loose at this point. After just a few days we could see considerable healing. She was to the point of not being able to catch her. This is the first time we have ever been able to save a sheep that had been attacked by a coyote. Thank you Nature’s Edge. “

Lew & Joe Ellen Landkammer, Lance Creek, WY